If you have $950 and an internet connection, you can sit on a celebrity’s face. But settle down, sailor -- it probably won’t be as fun as you'd imagine, since their faces are just superimposed on the seats of “art chairs.”

Some very important sounding fashion and celebrity photographer has decided that the best way to allow the public to appreciate her famous snapshots from red carpet events is to put them on the seats of lovely wooden chairs so they can be gazed -- and then sat -- upon. We’re just mad that we didn’t think of it first.

Think Brad Pitt is a looker? Sit on his face.

Think Katie Holmes should have stayed with Tom Cruise? Sit on her face.

Think 'Vogue' editor Anna Wintour is full of herself? Sit on her face.

Not a fan of current foreign policies? Sit on the President's face. (Hey, maybe it was one of these chairs that Clint Eastwood was talking to at the Republican convention.)

The possibilities are endless. You could even create a set of chairs depicting celebrities who are friends, like a Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney set. Or get Sophia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez together because, after all, they'll never say your butt is too big.

Bottom line -- so to speak -- is that musical chairs just got fun again.

And if you’re looking for easy Christmas gifts, custom Face Chairs can be ordered. According to their site, “if you have a face, we have a chair.”

Boom. Sold.

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