Womb With a View

Directionally Challenged
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may have even egos bigger than the latter's derriere, but that doesn't mean they don't have senses of humor about themselves.
Case in point? The rumored name of their Kimye spawn ... which we're hoping to God (more on that in a second) is a joke.
Daddy's Girl
Baby beans have been spilled near Alec Baldwin. And no, we’re not talking about Shia LaBeouf having a tantrum -- this time, it's actually about a real baby.
Not to be outdone by the Duchess of Cambridge, Alec's wife Hilaria revealed that the couple is expecting a daughter.
Slow Your Roll
Kim Kardashian needs to take it easy if she wants to keep her Kanye West spawn alive and well.
The mogul and reality staple recently had a miscarriage scare, and her docs are pointing the latex-gloved finger at her hectic schedule and workouts as the biggest risks to her pregnancy.
Beware the Weiner
Jessica Simpson remained adorable and candid in a sitdown with Jimmy Kimmel to promote 'Fashion Star,' and she revealed more than she bargained for -- including the sex of her baby -- in her typically charming, foot-in-mouth fashion.
Bon Appetit
Pregnant Holly Madison has big plans for her placenta after giving birth. Specifically, she plans to eat it. As you do.
It's a Girl
It's been a while since Kim Kardashian's womb has grabbed any headlines, so Kris Jenner an inside source let it leak that the Kimye babye will in fact be a girl.
Who will hopefully have better taste in clothes than her mother.
Aces Wild
Upcoming two-time mama Jessica Simpson seems determined to spawn a collection of oddly-named babies. After giving her first child (a girl) the male moniker of Maxwell Drew, she's now thinking about calling her second child Ace.
Thus predestining the kid to be a race car driver. Or a high-stakes poker…
Behold Yon Royal Womb
Duchess Kate Middleton was out and about in public on Feb. 19, visiting the addiction treatment center Hope House in London and simultaneously showing off the royal baby bump -- aka the burgeoning womb of the future King or Queen of England, assuming that Queen Elizabeth isn't actually immortal…
Bumpy Road Ahead
Just in case you somehow forgot that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are bringing a bouncing baby something into the world, Kim wants to remind you with a photo of her supposed baby bump -- which doesn't look much different than the average stomach after it's had a big meal or too many salty…
Sex Ed 101
As you probably know by now, Jessica Simpson is pregnant again, but it's totally not her fault. Her egg was just sitting there minding its own business when fiance Eric Johnson's sperm rudely decided to inseminate it without even asking.
And that's how babies are made. Thanks, Jess!
Kim + Kourtney Take Our Appetites
Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian have so much in common. Kate's actual royalty; Kim's reality royalty. Both their first names start with K. And both of them have been photographed naked (except one of them didn't know at the time and then base an entire career on it).
And now you can add something e…
Snooki Was in Labor For 27 Hours and Felt Nothing
Because you wanted to know so badly, we have details on Snooki's labor, courtesy of her chat on 'The Tonight Show.' It's sort of cool to know how the spawn that will end civilization (that is, unless baby Kimye gets to it first) came into the world, right?
Welcome to the 'Hood
Upcoming parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want their baby to be born in style, having just purchased an $11 million mansion in a gated community in Bel Air, Calif. Which they're tearing down and rebuilding because CIVILIAN GERMS EW.
Today in Kim Kardashian's Womb
If there's one thing that's important while pregnant, it's dressing well -- at least to Kim Kardashian. So to achieve that goal, she's taking cues from fashionista Victoria Beckham.
Too bad she didn't do that before getting dressed for New Year's Eve.
Today in Kim Kardashian's Womb
After Kanye West's surprise (but not really) announcement that Kim Kardashian is pregnant, publicity -- which had mercifully been relatively scant for the useless tart for a while -- went into full force.
Now we know a few more useless pieces of information about the attentionwhore spawn that w…