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Justin Bieber Tour Bus Busted for Drugs
Justin Bieber took a break from exercising his salivary glands to get into a different breed of trouble this weekend. The newly troubled Canadian heartthrob had one of his tour buses stopped and raided for drugs by customs on the border between Michigan and his home country -- and then he got turned away from a New York City nightclub days later. Hopefully at least Selena Gomez was nice to him, be
Latest in the Bynes Case
Amanda Bynes' parents went to court today, trying to prove to a judge that their daughter was a danger to herself and others and should therefore be placed under a conservatorship. But alas, their request was denied. At least for the time being.
Fine and Dandy
Rihanna has apparently been pulling a Lindsay Lohan, read: blowing off court depositions. But now a judge has had enough, fining her an amount that may be larger than your annual income.
Today in Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes may currently be on a 5150 psychiatric hold so doctors can figure out just what's going on in her brain, but the good news is she won't face criminal charges for lighting a stranger's driveway on fire. Hey, even small victories count.
Truth or Consequences
Turns out Kanye West, who recently attacked yet another paparazzo (one who wanted to sue him this time), won't be prosecuted for his actions. And none of it has to do with the fact that no one knows what his actions ever are.
Shore Leave
Snooki has lived a pretty tame life post-'Jersey Shore,' but a certain 'Jersey Shore' town wants nothing to do with the pint-sized reality starlet. Berkeley Island, N.J. is protesting Ms. Snickers from filming her spinoff series, 'Snooki + J-Woww,' on its sand and surf.
Long Overdue
Well, you had to see it coming. Actress and professional media magnet Amanda Bynes has finally been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold. And all it took was starting a fire in a stranger's driveway.
Suited Up
Even though their inane fight over who got to date Rihanna injured multiple people and caused an untold amount of damage, a judge let Drake and Chris Brown off the hook because boys will be boys. Kind of.
Pap Smear Campaign
Kanye West has a checkered history with paparazzi, especially following the birth of the as-yet-unseen North West with Kim Kardashian, who actively courts photogs everywhere she goes. But West took his hostilities out a little too much this weekend when he actually assaulted a paparazzo -- but in fairness, the guy was a real creep.
Legal Bullspit
Justin Bieber can't keep his saliva to himself, and it's looking like it's about to cost him. The latest victim of one of the Canadian's bratty loogies filed a police report about the incident, and the details are even more grotesque that you'd initially imagine.
True 'Horror Story'
We have good news and bad news. The bad news: Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence against her boyfriend, 'American Horror Story' star Evan Peters.
Probation Revoked
Chris Brown had his probation revoked today for possible violations after being involved in a hit and run back in May. While no criminal charges were brought, hitting a car and failing to swap information with the other driver was enough to put his freedom in danger. Since, you know, being on probation requires a strict accordance with the law and all.
Celebrity Treatment
Chris Brown will most likely not face prosecution for a hit and run case back in May, where he was charged with rear-ending a Mercedes and driving off without giving the other driver his proper information -- something Brown vehemently denies, of course. But while you'd think his legal team would be heaving a sigh of relief, doesn't look like they'll get the chance -- because his probation might b
Cease + Desist
Justin Timberlake recently released his new song,'Take Back the Night' -- but apparently no one thought to tell him that a pretty well-known sexual assault awareness group by that name already exists.

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