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Is Rihanna Snorting Cocaine? [VIDEO]
Rihanna makes no secret that she's not a role model -- she says so herself all the time. But the hard-partying singer may be partying with hard substances as well. A new video surfaced that led many members of the Bajan beauty's beloved Navy to worry that she's actually using cocaine.
Justin Bieber Fights With Scooter Braun Over Lil Twist
Scooter Braun is not happy with his cash cow biggest client, Justin Bieber. In fact, Braun is demanding that Bieber give his BFF Lil Twist the slip after the occasional rapper was accused of battery in Bieber's Calabasas, Calif. home -- and that didn't sit well with the boy wonder, who flipped out at Braun over the order.
Paul Schrader Says Lindsay Lohan Is Addicted to Adderall
Lindsay Lohan just wrapped up rehab, and sources say she's doing better than ever. But when it comes to what she was actually in rehab for, that's up for debate. Lilo, who's been in rehab for booze multiple times, initially refused to enter treatment this time around if she couldn't take Adderall with her, and now someone else is insisting that the ADHD drug was her real problem: her 'Canyons' dir
Amanda Bynes' Meds Are Working Well
Good news for Amanda Bynes: The troubled starlet's psych hold is the best thing that's happened to her in a while, because the 24/7 monitoring and pill cocktails by her doctors have (knock on wood) gradually returned her to normal. But as usual, there's a bit of a catch.
Justin Bieber Tour Bus Busted for Drugs
Justin Bieber took a break from exercising his salivary glands to get into a different breed of trouble this weekend. The newly troubled Canadian heartthrob had one of his tour buses stopped and raided for drugs by customs on the border between Michigan and his home country -- and then he got turned away from a New York City nightclub days later. Hopefully at least Selena Gomez was nice to him, be
New 911 Details
The 911 caller in Amanda Bynes' bizarre fire -- the one that led to her 5150 psych hold -- is talking about the incident, and more details are emerging as to why Bynes was in the neighborhood in the first place. In the 911 call, the caller describes the incident as a "small fire," but explains that it was a cloth on a gasoline tank -- effectively creating a potential makeshift explosive.
Drunk Dialer
You know what's a good way to get kicked out your kid's therapy sessions when they're in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction? Calling in drunk. That's what Dina Lohan did when she phoned Lindsay Lohan in treatment, and it worked out great!
Crazy in Love
Remember how Emma Roberts beat the snot out of her boyfriend and 'American Horror Story' co-star Evan Peters? Yeah? Well don't you worry! It's just because they love each other so much. That sounds healthy, doesn't it?
True 'Horror Story'
We have good news and bad news. The bad news: Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence against her boyfriend, 'American Horror Story' star Evan Peters.
Boozing Boos
Remember how Selena Gomez was pretty much enlisted by Justin Bieber's camp to keep him out of trouble? Yeah, about that.
Lucrative Deal
Lindsay Lohan and Oprah were in negotiations for her post-rehab confessional series for a while -- and Lohan's end is coming up roses. And those roses -- and the green that comes with them -- may be just what she needs to get out of the red
Sorry Mama Biebs
Justin Bieber has some lil' friends who those close to him -- including his mom, Pattie Mallette -- insist are big trouble. But he's a big boy now, and he's not gonna listen to anyone. They're not the boss of him!
Bluntly Offensive
It's no secret that Lil Twist loves weed -- and that he may have spread that love to his BFF and the water to his sponge, Justin Bieber. But it is a little surprising how stupid this guy can be. Case in point? He drove Bieber's chromed out Fisker Karma, the most conspicuous car on the road anywhere, while smoking blunts and speeding at the same time.
Lil Twisted
Lil Twist doesn't do much besides wreak havoc in Justin Bieber's cars, and he continued his jackass streak this week. The rapper (we guess) went all out this time and got a DUI in Bieber's whip.
Walks Like Rihanna
What happens when you're the most famous singer on the planet and you get wasted at a music festival? The same thing that happens to the rest of us: You get kicked out. Rihanna learned that the hard way this weekend.

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