‘The Sound of Music’ is a Tony-winning musical, an Oscar-winning movie and a staple of traditional holiday family viewing. The movie is a beautifully done, timeless classic, so of course NBC wants to remake it.

We’ve never been fans of the entertainment establishment’s need to ruin classics by "modernizing" them, rewriting the stories to fill them with pop-culture references, and then casting popular talent in a mad dash for any kind of ratings -- but this in particular seems like a major offense indeed.

If the Mayans are wrong and we make to the holiday season of 2013, we'll all be treated to a new and very doubtfully improved version of ‘The Sound of Music.’ The major difference, and probably NBC's justification for doing it, is that the remake will be a risky three-hour live broadcast.

And who will be the Maria von Trapp – that singing nun with questions about her faith and a love for a handsome widower – who holds the whole thing together?

That would be country superstar Carrie Underwood, filling the role made famous by the stellar Julie Andrews. Underwood has a lovely voice and she's certainly proven her mettle as a soaring singer, but really, NBC? Really?

"Speaking for everyone [here], we couldn't be happier to have the gifted Carrie Underwood take up the mantle of the great Maria von Trapp," the network's entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said in a statement. "She was an iconic woman who will now be played by an iconic artist."

To be clear, this isn't about Carrie's casting. It's about the need for this remake to happen at all.

The big event will be helmed by producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, famous for their work on the TV show ‘Smash’ and with musical movies like ‘Chicago’ and ‘Hairspray,' so at least things will be in good hands.

But judging by the internet's reaction to this whole thing, the hills are currently alive with the sound of WTF.