Recently, the Boy Scouts of America organization has been getting more and more flak for its decision to ban openly gay members -- and now you can add ‘Call Me Maybe’ singer Carly Rae Jepsen to the unhappy masses.

She's expressed her displeasure quite publicly by canceling her appearance at a BSA concert.

Jepsen was scheduled to appear at the BSA’s annual National Scout Jamboree in July, but tweeted on Tuesday morning that she's pulling out of the show. She further lent her support to the LGBT community and its battle for social acceptance in a couple of subsequent tweets.

Cancelling a show is a big deal for an emerging artist, especially when that artist makes her reasoning for doing so known. But if she feels the need to take a stand, Carly Rae has chosen a worthy cause indeed.

We’re with you, CRJ. Call us impressed -- no maybe about it.

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