Singer and newlywed Avril Lavigne is 28, twice-married, beautiful and famous. She also has some of the most gorgeous hair there is. But she still dresses like a teenager -- her personal style and her closet (loaded with black, sneakers and leather) skews incredibly young.

Sometimes it works. And sometimes ... well, not so much.

This mix of leopard print and graphics (young) with heels (more adult) is a definite yes.

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But this cheap-looking strapless leather dress looked like she picked up at a discount store. It was the opposite of chic and she presented herself as Avril, the Unintentional Dominatrix.

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Still, as she approaches her 30s, there are things she can continue to do and updates she can make to her personal style to be age-appropriate without losing her edge.

What's Right:

She has a terrific body and owned this strapless LBD, which was straightforward but also without gimmicks or mall-like details. The black and white print shoes were fun embellishment.

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Lavigne does not need to abandon her beloved hoodies and skinny jeans. She showed that you can dress them up with heels and with pops of color. And notice that her cascade of blonde hair was like another accessory.

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She has gone high-end, like she did with with this ostrich feather-looking black dress. The green and pink hair allowed her to retain her youthful, signature style.

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What's Wrong:

While Lavigne kept her signatures when donning this outfit, there was too much shine in the material of her liquid-like pants and sequined vest.

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This mini was cute but the print was too loud. That said, those chunky bracelets did show her ability to accessorize boldly, even if such a graphic print is better served when paired with minimal accessories.

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How to Fix It:

Lavigne's namesake clothing line, Abbey Dawn, is evolving, remaining youthful and edgy -- but something that even someone of her age could wear. The replicas of Isabel Marant sneakers have the Av edge, thanks to the metal studs. Also, leather is an adult fabric and it pulls her look together.


A cropped leather jacket and a snakeskin print dress were a cute pairing. She just needed to trim the hem a little to show more leg. She has 'em and needs to flaunt 'em.

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Even when she goes casual, like so, Lavigne is known for incorporating her hallmarks (like skulls) into the mix. She isn't afraid to embrace her signatures in every one of her outfits.

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Her style is fun and unique, and super youthful. She has shown flashes of brilliance in her LBDs at red carpet events, but she is going to need to turn it up a few notches and embrace more adult elements. No doubt she'll figure it out.