There were several pop stars and musicians who earned an F on their style report card at the 2012 American Music Awards, which took place last night (Nov. 18) in L.A. Between some problematic prints and textural pairings, there were more than a few major fashion faux pas. Here are five of the worst.

Christina Aguilera

While Christina Aguilera's bob, a take on Michelle Pfeiffer's coif in 'Scarface' and a look that Gwen Stefani emulated a few years ago, was fresh and blunt, the singer's dress was ill-fitting. It hugged her curvy figure in all the wrong ways, making her appear fuller and more out of shape than she actually is. The dip-dye fabric was also unflattering, and despite the deconstructed look, it felt a little too casual. Add that to a serious bronzer OD, and the overall look was a mess.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images


We love Pink and her suicide roll was retro and fun, but her dress was a mix of a 'Gladiator' shield on the top and Greek goddess pleats on the bottom. The drab color resembled dirty day-old bath water and it wasn't her best look -- which was a bummer, since Pink usually takes risks that lead to fashion payoffs.

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K-Pop singer and YouTube sensation PSY is usually hit or miss, and last night was a definite miss. He mixed too many textures -- a leather jacket, sequined pants, wing-tipped shoes -- and it was overkill. The fabrics competed with each other and looked tacky, 'Gangnam Style' or not.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Kelly Rowland

Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland, who has killer gams, picked a frock that looked like a marble kitchen counter sample. It's stiff and heavy, and it didn't feel festive or fun at all. The only upside was that it did show off her to-die-for figure, but overall, it was a giant "meh."

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Jordin Sparks

Former 'American Idol' winner Jordin Sparks' outfit was all wrong on multiple levels. We could do a 10-point inspection and detail what went awry -- from the sheer sleeves to the mixed pattern to the pattern blocking to the busy print, it was just a mess. Nothing about this dress is cohesive or gels.

It's a shame, since Sparks is a pretty girl who recently shed weight and has a bod that she should show off. She was probably going for exotic, but ended up with a gypsy potato sack gone wrong.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images