Sometimes fights are a match made in PR heaven, especially when said fights may be and probably are just publicity stunts.

One such instance is the online "argument" between One Direction's Zayn Malik and Max George of the Wanted.

The Twitter war started between the rival bands (read: rival when it suits them both in the media) with Zayn calling Max a geek when he posted a photo of himself with Usher.

Zayn retorted with "that's right, gorgeous!" and seemed to think the whole thing was a joke, but Max wasn't taking the ribbing that way.

This somehow escalated, with Zayn repeatedly attacking Max and his band, calling out their musical "talent," accusing them of having STDs and making fun of their looks.

The rumor mill has since claimed the boys' argument was over a girl. Which just goes to show how ridiculous the entire stunt was.

This however is nothing in comparison to Zayn's bandmate Liam Payne, who gets into Twitter arguments with national monuments.