Ever since drunken crooner LeAnn Rimes swiped Eddie Cibrian out from under the nose of his ex-wife, reality star Brandi Glanville, the two women have understandably had a less-than-friendly relationship.

So these days, they entertain the world by tossing passive-aggressive barbs back and forth on Twitter. As grown-ups do.

Their biggest spat this year started in November when Rimes tweeted that she was taking her "boys" with her on a family tour.

This immediately pissed off Glanville, who took to Twitter to explain to Rimes just whose sons those "boys" are. Here's a hint: Rimes doesn't have any kids.

Prior to this incident, Glanville also snidely responded to another post from Rimes in which the singer shared a picture of one of Glanville's children riding a bike without a helmet.

Most amusingly, Glanville recently got upset at Rimes for leaving her laxatives where the kids could get to them.

These two are like the gift that keeps on giving. Here's to many more Rimes/Glanville feuds in 2013!