Rapper the Game and actor Tommy Chong, both veteran and vocal marijuana enthusiasts, have some wise words for Justin Bieber, who was recently snapped smoking the sticky icky.

Chong insists that Bieber's talent lies in his weed. When a TMZ harasser without a great grasp of grammar asked Chong if he "thinks highlier" of Bieber following the photo leak, Chong replied, "I knew he was smoking before he knew it." He also called Biebs "phenom," so his taste in anything other than ganja may be somewhat questionable.

Chong said Bieber's music and talent are indicative of his marijuana use. "You don't get talent like that by drinking alcohol. The herb!" he cried. "The herb!"

"Not only Justin Bieber, but you notice Miley Cyrus and Michael Phelps -- people you wouldn't associate with it," Chong added. "It's mainstream!"

We have to hand it to Chong -- he's up on his pop culture.

As for Game, he was pretty logical in his take on the issue.

"Let's keep it real," the rapper said. "There's a lot of people that are in high positions ... who smoke a little weed sometimes. I'm not saying it's okay ... but just because Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, they're blowing it up. He made a mistake. Forgive him. Let him go through the growing pains of his life. He's a kid man, just let him live."

When asked about Bieber's ownership of photos taken in his presence, Game explained, "Biebergram, it's like Instagram. It's a marketing ploy!"

His suggestion on how to deal? "Get a [medical marijuana] card, man."

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