Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are super rich. How rich are they? They're so rich that the $20 million L.A. home they live in is getting its own moat. For serious.

The Patriots quarterback and his fashion model wife added a moat to their current fortress to keep out any invading forces that Bundchen may anger with her football related commentary.

It's empty now, but once it has water in it, expect the moat to be stocked with historically inaccurate alligators and await the siege. Ready your catapults and trebuchets, peasants! The Bundchen-Brady clan wants to let you eat cake!

The mansion, which took three years to build, currently boasts an outdoor play area for their children as well as eight bedrooms, a six-car garage, lagoon-shaped -- read: wiggly -- swimming pool, spa, weight room and wine cellar. (Or maybe it's a whine cellar for Bundchen's at-home complaining convenience. You never know with those tricky homonyms.)

The two wings of the home, which are connected by a bridge, also feature a nursery, an elevator and the butler's room. Why a butler? Well someone has to feed the lions that guard the entrance. Doy.

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