Shannen Doherty became a household name with her turn as Brenda Walsh on the soapy nighttime series 'Beverly Hills, 90210,' but what's she been up to since then?


Shannen Doherty played Brenda, twin sister to Brandon (Jason Priestly) on the hit show 'Beverly Hills, 90210.' She started off as a nice girl, but during her last two seasons on the show she became a manipulative little troublemaker.

In addition to starring on the series, Doherty also had quite the extensive childhood resume, with parts in 'Little House on the Prairie' and 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun,' and she lent her voice to the animated film 'The Secret of NIMH.' Before she was cast on '90210,' Doherty also had a major role in the cult classic 'Heathers.'


Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Doherty continued her acting career after leaving '90210' with parts in films like 'Mallrats' and the made-for-TV drama 'Friends 'Til the End,' but you probably remember her best from her 1998-2001 stint as one of three sisters who are also witches on the WB series 'Charmed.'

In 2008, Doherty reprised her role as Brenda on the new '90210' series, appearing in eight episodes total. Her film roles have mostly included direct-to-video and made-for-TV stuff, leading her to find fame hosting reality shows like 'Scare Tactics' and 'Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty.'

In 2010 she was a competitor on 'Dancing with the Stars,' and in 2012 she had her own series on WE called 'Shannen Says' -- and even recently saved a fan from possibly doing harm to themselves.