We all know what most of the people from 'Charmed' have been up to since the show ended, but whatever happened to Piper, played by Holly Marie Combs?


Holly Marie Combs started her acting career at a young age -- her first big role was at the age of 18 on the CBS drama 'Picket Fences,' and she also starred in films like 'Born on the Fourth of July' and 'Sweet Hearts Dance.' But you know her best as Piper Halliwell, the middle of three sisters who discover they are witches thanks to the inheritance of a magical book left behind by their grandmother.

The show ended in 2006, so what's Combs been up to since then?


Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Holly Marie Combs married David Donoho -- a key-grip on 'Charmed' who was her longtime boyfriend -- in 2004. The pair have had three children together, with their most recent born in 2009.

Combs appeared to take a small absence from acting for a couple of years, but returned in 2010 with a role on the ABC Family series 'Pretty Little Liars,' where she plays Ella Montgomery, the mother of Aria, one of the three lead characters.