Taylor Swift has a new boo ... maybe. And this one is legal!

Just not to drink or rent a car.

Radar Online reports that Swift, 23, hit it off with surfer Hawaiian surfer John John (not a typo) Florence, 20. But don't expect either of them to confirm it.

When an Australian television show asked Florence about his budding romance with the country crossover, he grew uncomfortable, mumbling, “Uh, I’m not supposed to comment about that.”

A source told Surf All Beaches mag, “Apparently, she contacted him. I don’t think they have hung out yet," the source admitted. "They’ve just been chatting.”

As in: she's probably doodling his name in her Trapper Keeper, but don't expect any photo ops just yet.

The source added, “John John doesn’t want to ruin things, so he’s being careful not to say too much.” Smart!

But apparently not careful enough, because, well, we're writing this, aren't we? Thankfully, their breakup song has already been written: Swift can just remix 'Dear John' to add an extra moniker.