When you're rich and desperate like Taylor Swift, you'll do crazy things for love. Like plunking down $80,000 on a guy you've been dating all of three months.

The 'Red' singer dropped some serious coin on her One Direction boyfriend of the moment, Harry Styles.

London's Daily Star reports that T-Swizzle called around to Liverpool, England record stores in search of rare Beatles memorabilia for Styles' Christmas gift.

“She’s been phoning Beatles stores in Liverpool hoping to find pieces of rare autographed memorabilia she knows Harry will love," a source told the tab. “A staff member at one store let slip she wanted to spend somewhere between £40,000 and £50,000.” (That amounts to about $80,000 on this side of the pond.)

Styles and his 1D bros have been compared to the Beatles -- not because of their music (uh, no) but because of the glass-shattering sounds they elicit from girls wherever they go. And since Styles digs the Fab Four, he's pretty flattered by it all.

“We watched that film of the Beatles when they touched down in America and saw a real likeness with our personalities," Styles has said. “They loved having a laugh like us ... The comparisons seem ridiculous to us, because they were such icons.”

At least he's realistic.

And if you think it's foolish for Swift to be spending so much on someone so new, consider how much she'll make off of him once he starts to see the crazy and inspires her to write an album about how terrible he is.

It's pretty clear that although Swift thinks whomever texts her at any given moment is the love of her life, her truest romance is actually with capitalism. So consider this present an investment in her future.