Rihanna Doesn’t Quite Understand How Hypocrisy Works
Rihanna wastes no opportunity to to flaunt her boobs nor her relationship with Chris Brown. The shirt averse singer got pretty peeved when Complex magazine had the gall to ask her about the latter, though. Because despite being all over her public Instagram account, it's 'Nobody's Bus…
Rihanna Without Makeup
On vacation in Hawaii, Rihanna took a smoke break of the non-weed variety after a workout session - as if that makes any sense after some intense exercise.
That’s Rihanna’s Crib
Perpetual nudist Rihanna just dropped a bunch of scratch on her brand new light-up house with seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Perfect for a woman who just proclaimed her freedom from the tool known as Chris Brown.
Yes, Chris Brown + Rihanna Are Back Together [PHOTO]
Despite spending Halloween and Thanksgiving side-by-side, Chris Brown and Rihanna have continued to pretend everyone is too stupid to realize they're back together.
So maybe this picture of her straddling him is their official coming-out. On the plus side, at least she's wearing all her clo…

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