Nicole Richie

10 More Celebrities Who Overcame Addiction
In a town where no one ever hears "no," it's no wonder why some celebrities have a tough time with addiction. However, along with fame, power and enablers come the resources to kick bad habits and get clean. Here are 10 celebs who sobered up and soared to superstardom after ge…
Nicole Richie – Bad Celebrity Tattoos
Nicole Richie's back is a "what not to do" manual on tattoos.
For example, if you get wings, make them look big enough to actually support your body in flight. Secondly, if you plan to get a religious tat, it probably shouldn't be a cross that runs into your ass crack.
Dumb Celebrity Quotes – Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie had trouble coming to grips with her drug problem, because even when she was addicted to heroin, she lived a glamorous life with designer shoes on her feet and a roof over her head. All those other junkies must be doing it wrong.