Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Can Ward Off Hurricanes Now
When she isn't busy not showing up for work, fighting with her dad or looking for a new publicist, Lindsay Lohan spends her time keeping the world safe from dangerous weather phenomena.
And if you silly people on the East Coast would just LISTEN TO HER, maybe you could stop boarding up your win…
Dina + Lindsay Lohan Have a Fight That Requires Police Presence
It's been a couple weeks since Lindsay Lohan had a face-to-face with the boys in blue, so hey, maybe she's turning over a new le--oh wait.
Reset your timers, because early Wednesday morning, the wayward actress had a brawl with her mother that resulted in a 911 call. (Seriously, TLC, how d…
Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Bullied as a Kid
Lindsay Lohan is such a willing target that picking on her these days almost seems like kicking a puppy (if the puppy had terrible judgment and a lengthy rap sheet).
But according to her, the "bullying" she endures from the press isn't her first go-round with disparaging remar…
In a Twist, Lindsay Lohan Actually Wants to Go to Court
Last week, shortly after she cried foul on Twitter for young Amanda Bynes not ending up in the clink, our favorite scofflaw Lindsay Lohan got in a little trouble of her own when she was arrested for hitting a pedestrian with her car in New York.
Now she wants to sue the guy she hit. Because the one …
So Lindsay Lohan Was Arrested Again
Just two days ago, hit-and-run aficionado Amanda Bynes was whining that she didn't understand why everyone kept comparing her to Lindsay Lohan since the two aren't alike at all, except for that whole "child stars gone woefully awry" thing that makes them exactly alike.
And early Wednesday m…

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