Daniel Radcliffe

10 Celebrities Who Overcame Addiction
With celebrity status comes a world of drugs and alcohol, because this is what you spend your dosh on when you have too much to know what to do with.
Unfortunately, a lot of Hollywood types fall into this downward spiral of drug and alcohol addiction. Sometimes they are unable to get out of it for th…
We’d Party With Daniel Radcliffe
We'll never be able to party with Harry Potter because, well, he's fictional. But hey, Daniel Radcliffe is the next best thing. And if we get him drunk enough, we bet he'd let us draw a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.
Wax Figure Fails: Daniel Radcliffe
We're seeing a pattern here. Tiny pinched faces with all the features squished together in one place is the hot trend in wax fashions right now.
Just ask poor Daniel Radcliffe.