GQ Releases Its ‘Forbidden’ Beyonce Cover [PHOTOS]
When an upcoming cover of GQ featuring Beyonce leaked on Instagram earlier this week, the magazine's legal team sent out a whole slew of take-down letters to websites that posted it.
But apparently GQ got tired of paying its attorneys to play whack-a-mole, because the publication finally decided to …
Beyonce Without Makeup
Beyonce took some time out of her busy schedule performing and  writing letters to fans and the President on Instagram to enjoy her birthday with family on the yacht she and husband Jay-Z own.
Wax Figure Fails: Beyonce
If you liked it then you shoulda never made this figure of Beyonce because we want to set fire to it and burn it to the ground. (Wait. That doesn't rhyme.)
Are Kim Kardashian + Beyonce Feuding?
Stories surfaced last week saying that when Jay-Z and Kanye West performed together at an event in Philadelphia, Jay's wife Beyonce was none too thrilled to have Kanye's ladylove Kim Kardashian around, and even called her out for being the spotlight hog she is.
But alas, those tales seem to…