Ashton Kutcher

10 Celeb Couples We (Almost) Forgot Dated
Love may be a many splendored thing, but when it comes to former celebrity couples, it may also be a little-known thing. Maybe it's because the relationship didn't last long, maybe it's because the hookup happened before they were famous, or maybe it's just because they never tal…
Ashton Kutcher – Webbed Toes
Much like a duck, Ashton Kutcher has webbed toes -- and much like that same duck, he's pretty damn proud of them.
At least we assume ducks think their webbed feet are awesome.
Charlie Sheen + Ashton Kutcher
In 2011, when Charlie Sheen had his very public meltdown, his best efforts were spent getting himself fired from his lead role on the show ‘Two and a Half Men.’ After his warlockian self was sent back to Mars, Ashton Kutcher, the former star of 'That 70s Show,' replac…

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