After her demure yet buzzworthy wardrobe malfunction last night at the SAG Awards, Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence thanked MTV for her first acting gig in commercials for the network's atrocious program, 'Super Sweet 16.'

And here they are.

Seems that at the ripe old age of 14, Lawrence was cast as a stuck-up party diva -- work that resulted in Jennifer finally getting a much-coveted SAG card. (Way to go, MTV! You've finally launched the career of someone with actual talent.)

J. Law may not have realized that name-checking the commercials in her SAG acceptance speech would make the internet scurry to find them, but indeed it did. In the clips, you'll see a younger J. Law tumble off a chaise lounge carried by some half-dressed men, and getting super indignant when a disco ball drops from above and splashes birthday cake all over her face.

Don't say we never did anything for you.