Snowboarders are the frat boys of Olympic athletes. Just ask Shaun White -- the erstwhile Flying Tomato spent Saturday night getting liquored up, trashing a Nashville hotel, and getting himself arrested. Like a boss.

Police were called to the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel at about 2 a.m. on Sunday morning after staff said a stupid-drunk White tore his room apart, pulled a few fire alarms, and then tried to flee the scene. When someone stopped him from getting into a cab, White allegedly kicked the person and took off on foot.

The guy he roughed up apparently had no trouble outrunning the intoxicated gold medalist, and TMZ reports the dude "collided with the snowboarder ... causing White to fall backwards and slam his head against a fence." Or his face against an angry fist. Whichever.

The cops say White, 26, "reeked of alcohol" at the time of the altercation, and was eventually arrested for vandalism and public intoxication.

All good training for the 2014 Games in boozy Russia.