Unlike many pop stars, Selena Gomez has a pretty down-to-earth tour rider that requests three things, and three things only. At least according to her.

When asked by MTV about her upcoming tour requirements, Gomez said, "Incense, pickles always. I don't know. I actually have a boring rider. I'll be honest ... ramen. That's what I have! I'm more about food -- and apparently incense!"

This is the exact opposite of fellow pop stars Beyonce and Lady Gaga, whose riders demand bizarre items like red toilet paper and pink-pubed mannequins.

Gomez's tour will take her around the world in a three-month span, and she hopes that the 58 shows she's planning will feel like "a big rave ... I want it to feel so powerful and have everybody just dance and let loose."

To prep for the mammoth undertaking, Gomez says she's working out for the first time in her life. So now we're just left wondering what we have to do to get her metabolism.