Britney Spears’ former manager -- hanger-on, whatever -- Sam Lufti has been on a rampage with a lawsuit against the singer and her family for various and sundry horrible things they supposedly did to him while he was her selfless loyal servant.

Finally, after all kinds of crying and gnashing of teeth on Lufti's part, one of the many intelligent and patient judges in Los Angeles told him to pick up his toys and go home -- and take his ridiculous lawsuit with him.

In a move only an outstanding member of the bench would make, Los Angeles Superior Court judge Suzanne Bruguera threw out Lufti’s case against the Spears family on Thursday.

She didn’t even bother sending it to the jury -- she tossed it because Lufti had not presented sufficient evidence to allow the case to go forward.

“I really thought long and hard," Bruguera said when she addressed the court. "It’s the right thing to do, so I am going to do it.”

Which was fancy judge talk for “shut up and go home, you boob.”

Lufti was suing BritBrit and her family for unpaid management fees, battery and libel. He claimed Brit’s mom Lynne defamed him in her book, he said Brit’s dad Jamie physically assaulted him, and he wanted to nail the pop princess herself for breach of contract for not ever giving him any of her earnings for all his good “management” work. (And by “management” he meant “getting her good and high so he could exploit her.")

Having not whined his last whine, Lufti assures the annoyed public that he will appeal the decision.