Russell Brand doesn't exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to non-douchebaggery. But the (arguable) funnyman must be trying to rack up good karma points, because he recently made nice to a complete stranger and tried to help him turn his life around.

While leaving a yoga class, Brand spotted a dude who was either homeless or in the throes of some illegal substance or both. And after talking to the guy and giving him bottle of water, Brand kindly stripped off his T-shirt to give the shirtless man something to wear.

But then came the most selfless act of all.

Brand, a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict who regularly attends 12-step meetings, convinced the man to go to a meeting himself -- and even gave him a ride there.

The former Mr. Katy Perry must be trying to turn over a new leaf. He recently debuted a tattoo on his right arm bearing the words "Lord, make me a channel of thy peace," a line from the Prayer of St Francis. And it seems he means it.

Keep this up, Russell, and you might even earn our respect. But we won't like it.