We bet you've spent hours with your friends discussing Rupert Everett's views on gay parenting, which he's once again made perfectly clear like the little Benedict Arnold he is.

Oh, you don't know who Rupert Everett is? That's okay. Most people don't these days, which means the only way he can get press is by running his mouth when he should really keep it shut.

You may or may not remember the 53-year-old Everett from his roles in ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding' or from his five-minute stint as Madonna's BFF (which we're sure is a highlight on his resume). He's been an out gay man for a long time, which means reporters who think it would be too rude to ask "so, uh, what happened to your career?" now ask him to opine on things like gay parenting instead.

In 2009, he told The Daily Beast that the practice of gays raising children was “utterly hideous” and “egocentric and vain.” And recently, he told the Sunday Times Magazine that he “can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.”

He followed up by assuring the interviewer that his views did not reflect those of the gay community as a whole and also that he doesn't even feel he's part of the gay community anyway (hey, Sparky, maybe there's a good reason for that).

"The only community I belong to is humanity," he said before pissing off parents both gay and straight by adding, "We’ve got too many children on the planet, so it’s good not to have more.”

Ben Summerskill, CEO of the LGBT rights advocacy group Stonewall, issued a statement in which he essentially called Everett a dolt, but why bother when Everett's words do that pretty nicely on their own?