It's rather ironic that MTV continues to host the Video Music Awards, seeing as how the channel is less "video" and more "crappy faux reality shows" these days. The network broadcast its annual VMAs on Thursday night anyway -- but it was what wasn't shown on-air that had everyone buzzing.

One of's 'All Access Live' cameras caught Rihanna, fresh off her win for Video of the Year, crossing the stage to give Chris Brown a hug and a kiss.

Yes, the same Chris Brown who notoriously beat the snot out of her three years ago when they were a couple.

She also hugged Bu Thiam, VP of A&R at her label Def Jam, who was seated next to Brown. Then she patted her abusive ex's head and walked away. (Unfortunately, she didn't use a baseball bat for the gesture.)

And if Hollywood Life is to be believed, it wasn't the only affectionate embrace RiRi shared with Brown that night -- according to a source backstage, the pair "made out" and "were completely inseparable ... they even made their friends guard the door so they wouldn’t be interrupted."

Whether or not that's true, we do know Rihanna still has inexplicable feelings for the famously thuggish Brown, who beat her so badly a few years ago that she was left bloodied and bruised. Rumors have flown for months that the two have been hooking up again, and she recently told Oprah Winfrey that Breezy was "the love of my life." She also said they're "working to rekindle" their friendship and are still "very close."

Despite her beauty and talent, it's clear Rih still has some pretty severe self-esteem issues -- or she'd know she's worthy of friends who don't land her in the hospital.