Michael Jackson's son, 16-year-old Prince Michael Jackson, has landed his first job. And given his familial pedigree, it's not busing tables or standing behind a register like most teens -- but working as a correspondent for 'Entertainment Tonight.'

His inaugural gig: interviewing the stars of the upcoming 'Oz the Great and Powerful' such as James Franco and Zach Braff, alongside director Sam Raimi. No coincidence seeing as his father starred as the Scarecrow in the Oz-based movie musical 'The Wiz.'

The interview consists of Prince Michael asking his guests for advice for someone who wants to break into the business, as he himself aspires to be a “producer, director, screenwriter and actor.” Also a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker, all of which James Franco could probably help him with considering his penchant for doing everything ever.

"I always tell people, just go out and try, and stop waiting around or dreaming it’s going to happen. Just go and start doing things on your own,” Franco suggested.

During the pre-interview pep-talk with 'ET' (phone home) correspondent Brooke Anderson, she praised Prince Michael's poise and wise-beyond-his-years persona. “That was all thanks to my dad," he replied. "He raised me right."

If only his father had been able to say the same thing about his own dad.