On Thursday night, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner sat down to talk about 'Twilight' and answer questions from fans.

It's the first interview Pattinson and Stewart have done together since their infamous breakup and makeup. And truth be told, they looked like none of that nastiness ever happened.

MTV asked the trio hard-hitting questions like "which of you is most like your character?" and "who's the biggest klutz?" and "who's least likely to Google themselves?" Scintillating stuff (but it was hard not to read the "ME!" thoughtbubble over Kristen's head on that last one).

But the most striking thing was how comfortable Stewart and Pattinson seemed together through the whole thing, with no hint of unease or any other residual evidence that she once broke his heart and smeared its contents all over the tabloids.

While of course there was zero talk about the scandal, it wasn't hard to hear subtext on otherwise innocent questions. When asked if the last movie is really the end of the story for Bella and Edward, Kristen replied, "I think they're happy. I think if anything else happens to them, I don't wanna know about it."