Despite a cheating scandal earlier this year, it seems Robert Pattinson has forgiven Kristen Stewart -- because new video shows the two of them looking pretty comfortable together.

"They seem attached to the hip again," an observer told PEOPLE about the 'Twilight' couple. "They spent all weekend together. They are back to hanging out with their old group of friends. Everything seems back to normal again."

Word first spread that the UV-light-challenged duo reunited weeks ago, when they reportedly started playing house together. But then on Tuesday, news broke that Stewart purchased a home a mere 1.5 miles from Pattinson's crib. (Buying neighboring million-dollar mansions is the celebrity version of "taking it slow," you guys.)

Regardless of whether or not they're sharing a toothbrush holder, the fact that they've patched things up just before the premiere of the last 'Twilight' flick certainly has people wondering if the relationship is real -- or just something being done to keep the studio suits happy.