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10 Best ‘Juno’ Quotes
Back in 2007, a quirky little film called 'Juno' premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and, in a harbinger of things to come, got a standing ovation.
8 of the Easiest Jobs on Television
It seems like any yutz can get a job in television (here's looking at you, 'Teen Mom' stars). For every editor slaving 15 hours a day over tons of footage to make 'Real Housewives' look, well, real, there are a boatload of folks who collect monster-sized paychecks for puttin…
10 Best ‘Ghost World’ Quotes
Based on the comic book of the same name, the 2001 movie 'Ghost World' centered around two teenage outcasts -- best friends Enid (Thora Birch) and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) -- just after their senior year of high school. Throw in a missed connection, a heartfelt performance from Steve Buscemi, su…
10 Celebrity Makeup Fails
Celebrities pay big bucks to retain stylists and makeup artists -- but judging by these cosmetic-related fails, a few of those mavens deserve a serious pink slip.
Best Quotes from ‘When Harry Met Sally…’
'When Harry Met Sally…,' released in 1989, almost instantly became a rom-com classic. It follows Harry, a political consultant, and journalist (not gymnast!) Sally for 12 years -- from their acrimonious first meeting during a cross-country drive right after college, through uncomfortable chance enco…
10 Best ‘Knocked Up’ Quotes
Director Judd Apatow changed how we think of comedy with his 2007 film 'Knocked Up,' in which a one night stand between Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl goes horribly awry and she ends up pregnant with a baby that she decides to keep.
Who knew that a movie about the dangers of not using prote…
10 Best ‘Bridesmaids’ Quotes
'Bridesmaids' managed to be the runaway comedy of 2011. It was also was the highest grossing Judd Apatow-produced film -- and his first film nominated for Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay (written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo) and Best Supporting Actress (the hilarious Melis…
10 Celebs from the ’80s Who Kinda Suck at Twitter
Back in the 1980s, MTV actually played videos and shows like 'Growing Pains,' 'The Cosby Show' and 'Married With Children' ruled the airwaves. And even though you may have forgotten about them, many of the stars from those iconic juggernauts are still around -- on Twitter. But maybe they shouldn't b…
Odd Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous
Some celebrities pop up overnight, helped along by a star-making performance that makes it seem as if they came out of nowhere. But before all that fame and glamour and easy money, plenty of celebs had to actually work to make ends meet -- and a lot of them had some pretty bizarre occupations a…
Dumb Celebrity Quotes – Who Said This?
Emotions, they're so confusing. This three-time Tim Burton actress may have had her understanding of cheerfulness messed up by all that Danny Elfman music when she told the press, "I feel my best when I'm happy." You know, unlike the rest of us.
Celebrities Without Makeup
It takes a brave woman to venture out in public without makeup -- especially when she knows there are likely to be cameras following her every barefaced move. Regardless, even the rich and famous sometimes don't want to assemble an entire glam squad before leaving the house.
Guess the Celebrity Crib
This Hollywood Hills home is owned by a producer who writes, stars in and directs his own films. Films he should really stop making because just having his name attached to something often makes us not want to see it.

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