Olympian Oscar Pistorius' tragically ironic Nike ad about being a metaphorical bullet was pulled today (Feb. 14) after the athlete was arrested on suspicion of fatally shooting his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp.

The advertisement, which has Pistorius running in front of the words “I am the bullet in the chamber” along with the Nike slogan “Just Do It,” was wisely yanked from his personal website earlier today.

Nike spokeswoman Seruscka Naidoo refused to comment about whether or not Pistorius would keep his sponsorship (despite knowing he totally won't), saying, "At this moment, it's a matter that's being investigated. [There is an] issue at hand here which is much bigger than a sponsorship ... [We] extend our condolences to everyone affected by this."

If it seems like a boilerplate statement, it probably is. In the past few years, Nike's had plenty of chances to refine it thanks to two other famously troubled athletes signed to endorsement deals: Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong.