Former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger is pretty active on Twitter, but for the most part she relegates her page to “inspirational” quotes, promotional information and random Instagram photos (mostly memes and some mirror shots). Until last week, that is.

Scherzinger may have topped even herself with some recent photos, which featured the songstress inexplicably frolicking with taxidermy animals and various foodstuffs.

She posted the above Instagram photo with zero backstory and no explanation as to why she would be posing like a giant bird with a dead squirrel on her shoulder and an even deader owl, fox and rabbit at her feet.

The only clue available was the accompanying tweet: “A songbird ... Just because.” Which was really no clue at all.

However, some later posts may provide some possible insight into just what was going on.


Those sure look like the cure for munchies to us.

Armed with three insights, 'Blues Clues' style -- a photo full of dead animals and a crazy Snow White pose, a big bag of cheese balls with the caption, "That's all I got to say..." and a Krispy Kreme sign with the commentary, "Hot right now!" -- we can make our own assumptions.

Specifically that Scherzinger was on a wicked high, had an impromptu photo-shoot in a taxidermy shop and then sated her herbal cravings with cheese balls and donuts.

Or maybe she's just gone completely and utterly insane. Take your pick.