Nicki Minaj showed up super fashionably late to her own record release party on Tuesday night, only to be told she couldn't enter due to overcrowding.

The candy-colored singer and her 25-person entourage arrived at the Greenhouse Nightclub in New York City, where she was set to appear alongside Flo Rida and Fabolous. But since she didn't show until 3:30 a.m., the place was already packed.

"She wanted to celebrate with her fans, but she was denied entry at the door by the police because they said the venue was at capacity and there was nothing they could do to accommodate her," a source alleges.

Which is precisely when she should have busted out, “Do you know who I am? I'M NICKI MINAJ, BITCH.”

But surprisingly, instead of causing one of her trademark scenes or threatening to pop a cap in someone’s ass, an eyewitness said she and her posse "just left," noting that “Nicki wasn't happy about it.”

Looks like someone needs a fairy godmother with a watch. Better luck next time, Cinderella.