Singer, actress and murderer of perfectly good hair Miley Cyrus is, once again, rocking a much shorter 'do.

Her hair was buzzed before, but now she's even cut off her Bieber bangs and gone super short on top.

What the hell is going on with Miley? Can't she rebel in a normal way by dating bad boys or hating her parents or developing a nasty drug habit? Why must her hair suffer so?

Unfortunately, it’s not new. She may be blazing a trail through her scalp, but she’s not blazing a trail through celebrity identity reassignment. Sinead O’Connor did it. Britney Spears did it. Plenty of starlets have shaved their heads even without the excuse of a movie role.

Perhaps Miley is preparing for an audition with a boy band. They're big again, you know, and Miley is in need of a career boost since it seems like her hair and antics are the only things keeping her in the spotlight these days. Maybe she’s about to launch the next boy band craze, a tribute mashup group called The One Wanted Direction of N'Sync Backstreet Boys.

Maybe she's just running low on hair products and got tired of schlepping to the salon. We don't know. Mostly, it’s too bad she can’t rock the buzz like Charlize.

Bottom line is that Miley should reevaluate her love affair with the clippers. Soldier chic isn't for everyone.