Oh, Miley. You had us in your corner. We felt scared and sorry for you when that crazy creeper was in your yard with his ridiculous plastic heart and claims of wedded bliss. But we can’t pity you if you’re going to go all LL Cool J on us and start shoving around everyone who invades your space.

Actually, that’s not fair to LL -- he took his mama's advice and knocked someone out after a legitimate intrusion on his own property. Miley, on the other hand, got all all shove-y dove-y after a personal space intrusion at a Hollywood nightclub.

The story goes that Cyrus and fiancé Liam Hemsworth were out at a place in Tinseltown called Beacher’s Madhouse, the name of which indicates a certain lack of calm but, hey, we’re totally into the obvious. To Cyrus and Hemsworth, though, it apparently meant “don’t jostle our chairs or we’ll push you and stuff.”

An unidentified “victim” claims that he was sitting behind the buzz-cut couple when he accidentally bumped into Hemsworth’s chair. There were some words exchanged and the situation escalated into a fight, at which point little miss Miley allegedly “pushed” the space invader and “hit him in the face.” 

The kerfuffle was broken up and authorities say they found no visible injuries. The only person in the vicinity who felt like gossiping about the incident said “nothing happened,” and that this victim person was “thrown out the theater” and is just “making up a story.”

Whatever went on, it’s all getting a bit tired.

Sorry, Miley, this awkward "not a child, not yet a woman" phase is exhausting for us. We suggest doing what soap opera kids do when they start their own awkward phases (or are just too annoying to watch): disappear at “boarding school” for a while and come back in a season or two when you’ve suddenly become a grown-up.

But make sure you leave Liam behind. He's cute.