On the most fateful September day in our nation’s history, financial firm Cantor Fitzgerald lost an astounding 658 employees when the Twin Towers went down. To honor their fallen colleagues, the company holds an annual commemorative fundraiser -- and this year, Michael J. Fox has joined the effort.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund raises money to help the families of victims of 9/11, but its annual Charity Day raises cash for all kinds of charities, hoping something good can come from something so tragic.

This year, 100 charities will benefit from the drive, including Fox's namesake Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The actor, who suffers from the incurable disease, will be on hand to participate in the day’s events.

In a phone interview, the always good-natured Fox joked that he probably gets his much-appreciated support from the financial community because of what a huge influence his iconic ‘Family Ties’ character Alex P. Keaton must've had on so many of the people who've made careers of capitalism and banking.

He also hoped the 9/11 anniversary events would be positive.

“I think this is more of a celebration, a celebration of humanity, and an acknowledgement of the needs of the people in the community,” Fox said. “On a day when so many were affected by so few in such a negative way, it’s a great way for so few … to help with the wider community in kind of reverse – with a positive show of support for the community.”