It looks like Melissa Joan Hart could have used some teenage witch magic -- the actress has put the kibosh on her ill-fated Kickstarter campaign after it failed to raise enough money for a movie she wanted to do.

About a month ago, Melissa launched a crowd funding project for what would have been her next project, a risque comedy titled 'Darci’s Walk of Shame.'

The timing was perfect. The 'Veronica Mars' cast had just raised millions in days and Zach Braff was joining the bandwagon, too (Morgan Freeman be damned). But unfortunately, the project only raised $51,605 out of its $2 million goal, from a total of 315 donors.

"Do what Hollywood won’t, and that is to take a chance on me as the lead of a romantic comedy film," Hart asked the public in the Kickstarter's video intro. Sadly, few answered the call.

People who donated would've received prizes ranging from Hart following them on Twitter for a year, their name in the closing credits and even a costume worn by her in the film. Yeesh.

It's a little sad to see it end this way. The film's $2 million price tag is fairly low for this type of project, and seeing Clarissa Darling carrying her heels out of some stranger's apartment in yesterday's clothes is pretty much priceless.

Still, she always has 'Melissa & Joey' on ABC Family. Everyone watches that, right? Right?