Despite the film being mocked on Twitter and panned by critics, Lindsay Lohan is proud of her performance in the Lifetime biopic 'Liz & Dick.'

And if you have anything negative to say about it, LA LA LA LA LA she's not listening.

A source close to Lohan said the actress “thought it was great ... Everybody is a critic and she really doesn't care what anybody says about the movie, at least the negative comments ... [she] did her best and she's pleased with how everything turned out.”

Aside from Lindsay (and her dad, but that doesn't really count), perhaps the only person who enjoyed the movie called the performance “beautiful” and Lohan one of the "greats."

And that person?

LiLo's pal Lady Gaga. Who, despite tweeting all day about her show in Paraguay, still suspiciously had time to catch 'Liz & Dick.'