Lindsay Lohan celebrated her birthday with a donated cake and on Twitter, where she revealed a healthy level of self-awareness about her career. (She's previously showcased self-awareness about her status as a public figure on 'Anger Management' and in 'Scary Movie 5,' which made us want to root for her again.)

Lilo responded to a fan who begged for a reply after telling the starlet that they'd watched her 2007 flop thriller 'I Know Who Killed Me.'

Lohan has never really been known to denounce any of her own work a la Megan Fox, but can you blame her?

To wit, Lohan played a stripper -- with one leg -- in the flick, which should pretty much tell you all you need to know. If you're still morbidly curious about the flick, check out the trailer below.

Watch Lindsay Lohan in the 'I Know Who Killed Me' Trailer