Proving naysayers -- and really, anyone who employs logic or looks at her history -- wrong, Lindsay Lohan is rumored to have actually not imbibed at Coachella. At all.

Sources told TMZ that Lohan insists she didn't sip a drop of booze the entire time she was at the festival, which is what everyone close to her was afraid she'd end up doing.

Lohan swears she also didn't take any drugs, despite "everyone around her" getting high, which, at Coachella, is pretty likely.

The 'Scary Movie 5' starlet insists she was in bed at 10PM every night, which is weird for a festival.

Here's what's even weirder: Other people at the festival are actually backing her up on this.

Lohan was invited to a ton of parties at the festival, and no one spotted her at any of them -- nor was she photographed anywhere (and she's always photographed when she's up to no good).

Sounds like her little siblings are good babysitters.

Could La Lohan be legitimately cleaning up her act? Maybe. As long as her act can still include Adderall.