Lindsay Lohan may have celebrated her birthday at the Cliffside Rehab Center in Malibu with her long-suffering lawyer Shawn Holley, but that didn't mean she didn't have her cake and eat it too, because Carvel donated one.

Possibly with a nail file in it so she could escape and be their new spokesperson. It'll be just like in 'Free Willy' but the orca will be played by Fudgie the Whale.

An insider (read: fellow rehabee) told Radar Online that LiLo "didn’t like spending her birthday in rehab, but she managed to to make the best of it."

"Carvel donated a delicious ice cream birthday cake, and her attorney, Shawn Holley dropped by to have some cake. Lindsay shared her birthday cake with the other patients, which everyone enjoyed," because dude, what could you possibly have against ice cream cake (besides that it's too delicious and that Dina Lohan abuses it)?

"Lindsay seems to be in a very good place, and is responding very well to treatment at Cliffside," the source continued, saying that La Lohan's friends plan to throw her a birthday bash on Sunday when Lindsay is allowed visitors.

They better get all their partying in now because come release time it's off to a life of solitude watching over sheep while having an existential crisis.