After welcoming their first child together -- the unfortunately named Breeze Baretta -- former Bristol Palin impregnator Levi Johnston and girlfriend Sunny Oglesby are all set to walk down the aisle -- about nine months too late.

The couple plans to wed this weekend because according to a source with the most off-putting syntax ever, “They've been together for about a year and a quarter.” (That's pretty close to a year and a half. Don't be pretentious, Source.)

Breeze Baretta will supposedly take part in the nuptials, but there's no word on whether she'll help fire the 21-gun salute with the firearm after which she was named.

There's also no confirmation that the equally embarrassingly-named Tripp, Johnston's “first” child (who knows how many there really are), will attend the ceremony -- but we're assuming that's a negative since toddlers can't drive and it's highly doubtful that Bristol will escort him to the festivities.

Sad trombone.