While I love Lady Gaga, I often get irritated with her because her penchant for walking around with live ocelots on her head obscures the fact that she's a mad talented vocalist. Ask most people if she can actually sing and they probably wouldn't even know.

But the Lady can wail. And she proved it at a Dec. 15 appearance with the Rolling Stones.

Gaga joined Mick and the boys on 'Gimme Shelter' during their star-studded final concert of 2012, and anyone who's heard that song knows the female backing vocal requires a chick with serious pipes.

Fergie surprised a lot of people when she did a fine job with it at the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert two years ago, thus proving the Black Eyed Peas didn't just bring her aboard to prance around and look pretty.

Last month at two separate shows in London, the flawless Mary J. Blige did an incredible rendition, and a few days later, Florence Welch showed up and lent her voice to the song as well.

And at Saturday night's Stones show in Newark, NJ, it was Gaga's turn -- and she didn't disappoint. (Videos are being pulled off YouTube with a quickness, but that one works as of this writing.)

A little over a minute into the song, she danced out on stage wearing a black and white striped catsuit, a mile-long blonde wig and shoes most mere mortals wouldn't even be able to walk in. Then she did what few performers can: She upstaged Mick Jagger.

For what it's worth, he didn't seem to mind -- in fact, he ceded the stage to her for most of the song while wearing a Cheshire Cat grin, almost as if to say, "Bet you didn't know she could do that."

I did, Mick. But I'm glad a lot of other people now do, too.