Stories surfaced last week saying that when Jay-Z and Kanye West performed together at an event in Philadelphia, Jay's wife Beyonce was none too thrilled to have Kanye's ladylove Kim Kardashian around, and even called her out for being the spotlight hog she is.

But alas, those tales seem to be false.

By most accounts, Bey is one of the most gracious stars around, so when she allegedly snapped at Kim, gossip columnists reported it with all the fervor of a tween at a Justin Bieber concert.

But either Beyonce doesn't want anyone to know what a fame-grubbing brat she thinks Kim is, or things just didn't happen as originally told -- because a source close to the superstar singer told TMZ, "They love each other -- they talk fashion, family, Beyonce's baby all the time."

In fact, when their men were on stage together, the ladies were supposedly in the wings, "laughing and hugging the whole time."

So what's the truth? Eh, who knows. But we like to imagine Bey's thoughtbubble when she looks at Kim is something along the lines of "at least when I got famous, I was on my feet."