We know, we know, Kellan Lutz's new-found bachelorhood gave you hope that perhaps you two could date, but alas, three months later he's back with his model/actress ex, Sharni Vinson. Better luck next time, ladies. And fellas.

"They are back seeing each other, they do have a great time," revealed a source close to the rekindled couple to Us Weekly. "They are trying to be fairly quiet about it, but they're not staying in a bunker or anything. Just a little more discreet."

Said paid informant continued, "It's been a little difficult with him away filming, but he went to her birthday party recently and was such a great guy. They spent a lot of time together when in L.A."

Lutz even tweeted Vinson a birthday message via Twitter -- because nothing says we're hooking up better than a missive in 140 characters or less.

The completed message reads, "Huge Happy Birthday to the amazing @sharnivinson (Sydney Time ;)) and a Happy Birth Day to the wonderful @narellevinson for bringing such a beautiful soul into this world!"

He probably scored major mom points with that one. Well played, sir.