Justin Bieber made his team angry when he was photographed at a party smoking the ganja, despite explicit signage that should've prevented that sort of thing. Womp womp.

Now his entourage is concerned that the whole thing will affect his reputation with his fan base. But we're kind of failing to see the problem here.

“Bieber’s team is absolutely livid that Justin would be so stupid," an insider claims. "In particular, his manager Scooter Braun is really up in arms over it. Everything Justin does directly effects Scooter’s career and his success. He feels like Justin should know better than to get caught up in all this.”

If Scooter Braun's career ever ends, we blame it on being a grown man named Scooter -- not over Justin Bieber almost making us like him by proving he's a normal human being.

The source claims that all the bad decisions Bieber has ever made are solely the fault of his terrible father, saying, “Justin got his piercings and all the tattoos because of his dad, and while his camp can’t tell him to stay away from his father, they’re gently trying to limit [his] influence on Justin.”

An 18-year-old who has piercings, tattoos, and smokes weed? What's next? Is he having premarital sex too?

Look, Bieber Management Team, you've been busting your ass lately to make him more interesting to an audience beyond the training-bra-and-learner's-permit set. He may have done you a favor here. Between this incident and his willingness to make light of it, even the adults around here are finding him far more likable than we ever have before.

Relax already. It's not like he has "baked" tatted on his forehead or anything.