After Justin Bieber did some flirting with model Barbara Palvin at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in November, his on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez told him and his ridiculous backwards trucker hats to get stuffed.

Since then, the couple has reconciled and then reportedly split up again, so when he went off to Miami to co-host the Y100 Jingle Ball on Dec. 8, he apparently spent some of his time in the sunshine state with Palvin.

Cue the tweens of the internet losing their collective marbles and accusing the model of being a celebrity couple-busting homewrecker.

A friend of Justin's told Life & Style, "Justin and Barbara were together in Miami. They aren't being bashful about hanging out and getting closer."

Twitter evidence at least corroborates that Palvin was in Miami at the time in question, but that's not exactly proof that she hung out with the Biebs and/or helped him change his diaper pants. (Seriously, WHAT IS UP WITH THOSE PANTS.)

Fans decided to helpfully add the words “with Justin” after retweeting Palvin's words, and questioning the coincidence of both her and Bieber being in Miami at the same time.

Palvin also tweeted a photo of herself in front of what is supposedly Bieber's tour bus in his concert shirt (below) with the caption “miami” as Beliebers everywhere called her a whore and a bitch and other things she likely blew off because she's a lingerie model with a glamorous life and there's really no better rebuttal than that.

In the past, Barbara has said she and the Biebs are "just friends," but given so much fan vitriol, there's probably some fire under all that smoke.